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Growth in Selfcare & Healthy Life

  • Neels Consultancy

Expert in Selfcare Solutions for Benelux

Neels Consultancy (NC) is expert is Selfcare opportunities for companies who wants to grow faster than competition and government who wants independent advise for costsaving on time and prescriptions for small deseases and selfcare subjects.

Henry Neels, owner of the company, has a 25 years experience in Benelux on marketing, sales en general management of Selfcare consumer markets. Through these different positions in a few international companies with excellent reputations e.g. Wyeth/Pfizer.  We learned how companies could be better organised through new thinking (vision and creation) of their business.

For the upcoming years it is clear that the COH will increase by 2-4% p/a up to a level of € 6.500 per capita. It will be clear that new dynamics and opportunities will occur for the healthcare industry and retailers. Consumers and patients will realise that healthcare is no longer for free and will require tiime and money  to control and improve their healthcondition. Managing your health through taken selfcare decisions is necesarry to  spend less on healthcare cost. Buying your selfcare medication is sheaper than a prescription drug. Companies who wants to anticipate on these trends need to be able to think and act differently then in the past.


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Interview Self Care Congress

During the third Self Care Congress sometimes strong, sometimes tentative suggestions were made between the parties involved.

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